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Creating an end product that not only meets expectations, but produces results. It means building brands, empowering innovation and facilitating creativity through a talented team of individuals.

Event Management

Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of small and/or large-scale personal or corporate events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions.

Food and Beverages

Catering is the service of providing food service at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, hospital, pub, aircraft, cruise ship, park, filming site or studio, entertainment site, or event venue.

Live Entertainment

From start to finisng no matter how big or small the show we have got you covered with Live Entertainment for the enjoyment and recreation of people who were physically present. It included ticketed events, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural experiences.

Destination Management
Destination Management is a process of leading, influencing and coordinating the management of all the aspects of a destination that contribute to a visitor’s experience, taking account of the needs of visitors, local residents, businesses and the environment.
Company Picnic

Company picnics are a perfect opportunity to include your employees’ family members; to connect professional and personal lives in a fun, casual environment. They give spouses, parents and kids a chance to gain their own perspective on what “work” means at your company.

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Our Process

5 C’s of Event Management



The first step for planning a successful event is the event concept. Think about what the event will be held for. One of the best ways is to think about the greatest concerts ever held. Even if your event is not a concert, this gives you an idea of how you want your event to make attendees feel.

There is bound to be an event that you have attended that has created everlasting memories in your mind. This is what you want to do with your event.

Think about why you are planning this event. What is the purpose of the event?

You may wish to host an event to entertain others. Maybe the event is a fundraiser for a charitable cause. Or maybe this is a seminar to teach a particular subject.

Once you have figured out the ‘why’ you want to figure out who the event is targeted to. You want to find your target audience who will enjoy and benefit the most from your event. This will help you determine the ‘what’ of the event. This means that you will be able to determine what the event should consist of – speakers, performances, activities, catering, etc.

Finally, you have to determine when the event will take place and what the best venue is for it.



We hope you know how to properly plan a schedule. The next step once you’ve conceptualized your event is to coordinate it.

This will include coming up with a theme or general idea for the event. Once you find a theme, you will have a better idea for the venue, decorations (if appropriate), and any additional needs for the event – whether it is hiring a speaker, using audio/visual equipment, etc.

You need to make sure you reserve the date(s) and venue much in advance. Make sure you have flexibility with the date(s) and venue if you aren’t able to find the perfect time and location at first. Once these are confirmed, you can start advertising the event to your potential attendees.

This is also the step when you delegate tasks to your team members. Among these tasks will include reaching out to speakers/performers. Other tasks will include purchasing or renting the required technology and equipment. You may wish to ask your team members to coordinate transportation, catering, and marketing.

You also want to sit down with an accountant/bookkeeper to decide the event budget. Make sure to check with the accountant/bookkeeper that no one is exceeding their budget.



This is one of the most overlooked and often neglected stages of event management. This is best managed if you do a run-through of the event.

You want to make sure everything is on track. Show up to the venue and see if there is ample space for all of the confirmed attendees. You also need to see if there is ample space for the catering company to lay out the food.

You also want to be on top of everything and plan for possible changes. For example, if a speaker were to cancel, do you have an alternate speaker? If the caterers have an issue, have you prepared a list of other options?

Have you considered what to do if the budget is running low? Make sure to always consider what the worst-case scenario will be so that you can always be on top of your event.



This is the ‘D-Day’ so to speak. This is when the event takes place. On this day, you and your team need to be on top of everything.

You want to develop an itinerary for everyone involved with the event. You want to make sure that the team has access to the venue before the event begins – so that you can set up and possibly ‘rehearse’ the event before it begins.

As the event is progressing, you have to make sure the itinerary is continuously being followed. If one speaker is speaking, you have to make sure the second speaker is ready for their speech.

As the reception is checking in guests, you want to make sure that the caterers are preparing the food and that it will be ready at the allotted time. In short, you need to always be alert at all times during the event.



Once the event successfully ends, there is still work to be done. You want to make sure that all payments and termination of contracts with the vendors, caterers, speakers, etc. are completed.

You also want to give feedback to your team. If they did a great job, let them know. If there were any issues, make sure they are addressed right away so that they can do a better job for your next event. Make sure you also ask them for feedback on how you fared as an event manager.

Finally, make sure you reach out to the speakers/performers, vendors, and caterers. Ask them if they enjoyed the event and what could be done better. You should also reach out to your attendees and ask them for feedback on the event.

Event Management Companies

Event planning companies offer professional event planning services that include event management, event coordination, theming, décor & styling, conferencing, exhibitions & signage, entertainment and venue sourcing.


Event management-Professional event managers are skilled in the technical as well as the creative and logistical implementation of events. Whether it’s a trade show, product launch, wedding, cocktail party, awards ceremony or a sit-down gala dinner, event managers first

Event management companies in Gauteng are responsible for overseeing the logistics leading up to and during an event. They’ll organise the event’s requirements, including the caterers, venue, guest invites, and entertainment. They’ll ensure you meet all the relevant health and safety standards.

When the event begins, they’ll guarantee everything runs smoothly – providing excellent service and a rewarding experience to all your guests.

With the rise of virtual conferences, event companies in Gauteng can even organise virtual live events. However, you’ll most commonly find them involved with corporate events, brand activations, weddings, concerts, trade shows, festivals, and ceremonies.

Whatever the important event, you’ll find a Gauteng event management company suited to your needs.

Pretty much everything! There’s an event management company for all occasions. Here at BW Productions, our services are exclusively for corporate events. We create and manage full-service productions, food and beverages, live entertainment, and the venue itself.

We can even plan a company picnic – at a location of your choosing. 

The brilliantly talented people at BW Productions have worked on all manner of different events, from chilled experiential brand activations to full-scale concerts involving hundreds of attendees.

When it comes to event management, there’s nobody better

Here’s a list of all our potential responsibilities:

  • Choosing and booking venues
  • Hiring speakers or entertainment
  • Liaising with outside vendors
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Organising transportation and parking
  • Developing contingency plans
  • Selecting and reserving the caterers
  • Managing crises and situations at the event
  • Monitoring the event

Because we handle everything! Why deal with the stress and hassle of organising an event when you can rely on a Gauteng event company ready to do it all.

With our event services, you experience these real benefits:

  • Reduced costs. Using our preferred vendors and industry contacts, we can organise your event for a lower price than usual. We know where to go to get the best deal – saving you money.
  • Elegant event design. After years in the industry, we know what looks good. We’ll handle all parts of the event design, letting you pick what looks best. We’re ready to share our brand expertise, finding fun and innovative ideas to create the best event possible. From exhibitions to entertainment, we guarantee an event your guests will never forget.
  • Planning event production. Planning an event involves endless organisation: venue, catering, accommodation, guest invites, entertainment, and much more. When you hire an events company based in Gauteng, you hand over all that responsibility to our expert team. We ensure everything is paid, booked, and ready to go – and we even have a plan B when things don’t run smoothly.
  • Something different. Want to organise a concert or event a little out of the ordinary? Want to explore your brand’s adventurous ways? – we’re ready. With professional conference creators, your guests can celebrate a mind-blowing event for the whole family. Your customers will be talking about it for weeks to come.

At BW Productions, we have a simple 6-step process for event management. (1) You send us an email or give us a call, telling us you’d like an event organising. (2) We go away and begin prepping what’s needed for the event. (3) We invite you to a meeting where we’ll walk you through the event plan – we’ll discuss all the details and take on board your feedback. (4) After we’ve got your feedback, we’ll prepare a final quote. (5) We set to work organising a fun and exciting event to your specifications over the following weeks or months. Before (6) finally launching it, we’ll provide on-the-day support from the moment the event begins through to the very end.

It’s a simple yet straightforward process – and it works every time.

We also embrace changes in the industry. We can organise virtual live events, and we’re proficient at live streaming speakers or other aspects for the audience at home. We know it’s important for modern companies to keep all their employees involved – no matter where they are.

It’s confusing when industry terms are thrown around. Despite being very closely related, event management and event planning are different. Event planners are there solely to “plan” an event, i.e., book the venue, organise the catering, etc. On the other hand, event managers execute the plan before and during the event.

Regardless of these definitions, the terms are often used interchangeably. Indeed, event managers can plan events, and event planners manage events on the day. Some individuals even fulfil both roles.

We’ll discuss the specific details prior to the event. When the day finally rolls around, we’ll be at the venue to organise any last minute alterations. We ensure deliveries have been made and that everything is on schedule.

We’ll be available to meet any requirements or manage anything that doesn’t go to plan throughout the day. We’re here to support your guests and customers, creating a fun celebration for all to enjoy.

After the event, we’ll help support the cleanup efforts and will liaise with you to gather feedback on how you felt the event went. We’ll also handle the payment of all vendors and the termination of contracts – where applicable.

In short – we’re always there when you need us. In fact, after months of planning, it’s exciting to see the event unfold: we never lose our passion for seeing it all in action.

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