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in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, there is no better place to look than BW Productions. We have been in business since 1994 and we have a proven track record of producing outstanding events. Our event management team will help guide you through the process from beginning to end with our professional services.
About Us

B&W Productions is a leading events, marketing and project management company. Our dedicated team will assist with project planning, digital marketing, corporate branding, specialised event solutions and much more.

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If you want to learn more about what we do or if you would like us to create a proposal for your next event please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Having done an event in almost every city in South Africa including Cape Town, Durban, and Pretoria. This puts us in a unique position of vast experience in every city, every event, and every company.
We have produced events such as the Pharrell Williams concert, Usher concert Johannesburg and Cape Town, Castle lite Ice Bar in Durban, and many more.
In addition to our experience with events we also offer stand-out services for corporate hospitality where you can hire us exclusively or if your client wants a bit of luxury at their event then contact BW Productions today! We will take care of everything from catering to entertainment.
A few companies that we have worked with are: MTV, ABSA, GSK Unilever (Durban)

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Event planning

Need to plan an event but short on time? Our experts can take all the hassle out of planning and make your next project a success. From organizing speakers, venues, managing risk, catering logistics – we’ve got it covered.”
With Event Planning from BW Productions, it’s easy to turn a simple idea into an event that people will never forget.
You’re in charge of the most important social occurrence of your company’s year. With BW Productions, you can rest assured that every important element is accounted for time and again.

Event management

Being a successful event planner means juggling many hats at once. The administrative work is never-ending, you’re the first contact for all clients, and you’re constantly on the go.
We manage a multitude of tasks that include: the venue selection and approvals, establishing budgets and timelines to coincide with your company’s policies, overseeing execution of detailed plans such as catering menus, transportation logistics (including arranging drivers), coordinating with vendors in-person to ensure quality assurance across every aspect of an event from lighting to flowers to entertainment fodder–the list goes on! And then there are times when it’s just “fire drill” time where you need an entire plan executed in 24 hours or less. Event managers may also be responsible for selecting other staff



BW Productions is one of the most renowned event companies in South Africa. Founded by Bibi Burness in 1993, the company has almost 30 years of experience bringing the biggest live events to major cities from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

The goal of BW Productions is simple: provide a complete event management service, planning and executing all events from the smallest company picnic to the biggest headline acts. We do it all.

Indeed, over the more than 9,000 events we’ve run in the past thirty years, we’ve learned more than a few industry tricks. And we’re ready to put them to work creating an event you’ll never forget. We know the secret to an extraordinary event is in the planning. We know you can never be underprepared; it’s why we always go above and beyond for clients.

Little wonder we’ve become your 360° one-stop-shop for event management. We’re quite simply the best event management company anywhere in South Africa. Just ask any of our over 500 clients.

Event management is a broad sector, covering the planning and execution of events, like conferences, conventions, concerts, trade shows, ceremonies, and festivals. Not all events need to be large-scale; they can be as small as a coffee morning between business partners. What is critical is the event management company manages that event’s overall logistics. Event management companies are responsible for running the entire event from the venue to the catering.

Large-scale events, on the other hand, rely on months of planning. With perhaps dozens of staff involved in the project, event managers need to ensure everything runs smoothly, culminating in an event to remember (for the right reasons).

In addition to running the event, event management companies may also manage the budget, hire vendors, and run the entire team responsible for the event. However, some larger companies may hire outside event companies to run only a specific portion of the event planning and execution.

Event companies can be responsible for everything involved in event management. Such tasks can include:

  • Viewing and reserving venues
  • Organising food and drink caterers
  • Hiring outside vendors
  • Booking speakers or entertainment
  • Managing the budget
  • Obtaining the relevant permits and filing the appropriate paperwork
  • Meeting health and safety standards
  • Overseeing the event decorations

BW Productions focuses on specific parts of the event experience. We run full-service productions, providing event management services for small and/or large-scale personal or corporate events (e.g., weddings, ceremonies, festivals, concerts, and much more).

We also organise food and drink (no matter the location), hire jaw-dropping live entertainment acts, and book the finest destinations for your event’s visitors. Or, if you prefer something more low-key, we’ve run many successful company picnics – giving everyone the chance to relax (including the management).

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Do you want to enjoy your big day? Or would you rather be rushing around stressed about everything going perfect? We’d choose the first option. That’s why you need an event company. Rather than stressing out, you can relax, greet your guests, and enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered.

That’s not the only reason to hire an event company, however.

Saves time and money. With years of industry experience, we know how to save our clients a fortune. Whether it be using our connections with vendors to get a discount or simply saving you the time it takes to run an event properly. We also know a few insider tips on saving money, and we’re experienced negotiators always ready to spot a bargain.

Professional standard. Running a flawless and professional event looks easy – it’s anything but. Each event is a carefully managed machine from the design to the catering. You need a professional to run it. Using our experience, we’ll ensure everything looks fantastic and runs on time. We’ll bring you the WOW factor without breaking the bank.

Staying safe. There are numerous health and safety aspects to an event. It could be basics like food allergies or more significant problems like managing fire escapes. It’s easy to miss many of these essential aspects if you’re inexperienced in event management. However, event companies know how to run events efficiently and safely.

WOW factor. The WOW factor is the moment when it all comes together. When the food is delicious and the entertainment engaging. It’s when everyone is chatting and having a good time. But it takes a look of effort for something to feel effortless. That’s our speciality: wowing you, one event at a time.

For more information about event companies, please refer to this post.

BW Productions focus on corporate event management. However, we have run many successful personal events, like weddings or ceremonies. Our event management services cover festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, conventions, or company picnics.

Nor are we restricted in our locations. We can book acts and organise food and drink to be supplied to hotels, hospitals, pubs, cruise ships, parks, filming sites, event venues, even aircraft.

Whatever you want, we’ll always try to meet your requests. In fact, we’ve run some of the biggest events in South Africa, be it concerts for headline acts or corporate days for the high street brands. One thing is for sure; everyone leaves our events with a smile on their face.

If you love meeting new people, event planning is a fantastic career choice. You can also work for a marketing agency and be responsible for occasional experiential events. You can take this opportunity to spice up your day-to-day work and show potential clients how your promotions work in the real world. As a result, event planning is a great career option for anyone who enjoys meeting new people and building relationships.
The key to success in this profession is passion and motivation. Successful event planners are self-motivated and passionate about their work. Using technology in events was once considered an extra bonus, but now it acts as a virtual team that extends its work. To stay ahead of the curve, event planners must constantly learn new tech and stay updated on the latest industry trends. If you’re passionate about planning events, event planning could be a great career choice.
An event planner plans and organizes events of various sizes. They coordinate the various aspects of the event, from the venue to entertainment. Some event planners specialize in a specific event type, such as meetings, conventions, trade shows, festivals, and weddings. Their salary varies by location, experience, and region. The following list is a sample of responsibilities and a typical day in the life of an event planner.

You can start your career as an event planner by working for third-party vendors or partnering with an existing business. Depending on the location, you can start with smaller events and expand as you get more experience. As event planning is one of the most in-demand skills today, you can work with clients, third-party vendors, or even the government. Whatever your career goal, event planning can give you a fulfilling and rewarding career.
You must be calm when dealing with stressful situations, but it’s essential to keep your cool and manage your time well. Be prepared for a variety of situations, and always keep your zen. A good event planner should know what matters most to their clients. If you can balance stress and work well under pressure, you’ll be a great event planner. There are many things to keep in mind when planning an event, so it’s crucial to have a clear vision of what you’re aiming for.
Getting a degree in event planning is not a requirement, but it helps in your career. You should be passionate about this industry and possess the right skill sets. You can begin your career without a degree, but you’ll need to gain hands-on experience. If you want to make the most of your career as an event planner, take advantage of any opportunities to network. If you can’t find internships, you can apply for entry-level positions in a related industry.

Although we’re based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, we can organise events for the surrounding area and beyond. In fact, we’ve used our event management services to organise events in almost every city in South Africa.

We service the entire country, from Polokwane to the southern tip of Cape Town, as well as big cities like Durban and Pretoria. We have the connections in these major locations to create your vision. And the experience to put it all into action.

So, no matter where you are in South Africa, BW Productions is your #1 choice of event company!

We try to keep the event management process as simple as possible (after all, it’s already complicated enough). We have six key steps:

  1. Initial inquiry. Send us a message about what you want for your event.
  2. Pre-production. We’ll begin researching what your event needs and how to run it.
  3. Walkthrough. It’s time to discuss your event and how it will work.
  4. Quote. We’ll also provide you with the overall cost for the event. It’s at this point you can decide how you wish to edit your plan for the event.
  5. Production. We’ll get to work turning your event into reality.
  6. Deliver. It’s the big day(s). It’s time to enjoy yourself as we run an event your attendees will never forget.

All too often, big companies assume they can handle event management in-house. Already overworked HR departments are given the unfortunate job of organising a massive event. It could be the end of year party or a conference showcasing your company’s products. Whatever it is, putting extra pressure on your in-house services can lead to multiple mistakes.

Here are the biggest mistakes in event management:

  1. Underestimating scale. Events take a lot of resources to organise. Event management is no walk in the park. Nor does it get any easier if you lack sufficient experience. Event companies know what to expect from past events; internal services have no such reference point. They’re likely to assume everything will be cheaper, quicker, and easier than it is in reality.
  2. No contingencies. Things go wrong – it’s life. Any seasoned event company will know to plan for contingencies where possible. But novices rarely do so; it’s just more work. However, it means when something goes wrong, panic sets in. That’s why every part of the event needs a detailed contingency plan.
  3. Event promotion. Perhaps you’ve got a built-in audience of company employees, but otherwise, you’ll need to advertise. Companies often waste money failing to advertise cost-effectively. We’ll be able to advise you on all the most effective ways to attract your audience (without the barrage of adverts).
  4. No coordination. Event management is a lot like conducting an orchestra; you’ve got no idea what we’re doing until we step down and it all falls apart. This is the biggest challenge of event management. You need to ensure the music, food, guest speakers, and more all run on time – and you need to ensure everyone can find and park at the venue. It’s a masterclass in coordination – and one few people are prepared for during their first attempt.
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The role of event planners is complex, requiring an exceptional level of expertise and a specific set of skills. Planning an event may become impossible if you don’t have any of these skills. Moreover, the term “event” can mean many different things, and an event planner must understand these differences to plan an event to its fullest potential. One example of a recent event that impacted the industry was the COVID pandemic. This virus quarantine forced event planners to alter their business models, technology solutions, content delivery, and sponsorship opportunities.

An event planner ensures that an event runs smoothly. They typically work long hours and are on their feet most of the day. They often must contact vendors and venues to obtain price quotes. Event planners can also be called upon to oversee an event and be on-call during emergencies. Event planners may be called upon to manage an entire event from start to finish. This type of work requires a high level of commitment and organization.

Job description of an event planner

An event planner is a skilled professional who can organize and coordinate all aspects of a corporate event. A typical event planner will meet with a client to estimate attendance and determine the purpose of the Event. They will also handle the logistics of the meeting, such as booking speakers and coordinating travel. They will also manage attendance, arrange for food and beverages, and coordinate the use of audiovisual equipment. Finally, they may check on meeting rooms and ensure everything is in order.

Event planners must be excellent multitaskers with excellent communication skills. They must be able to deal with various personalities, including C-suite executives, brand sponsors, and vendors. Event planners must have excellent interpersonal and written communication skills and be able to anticipate multiple issues that may arise. They must also understand business law and how it applies to event planning. A well-rounded event planner will be an asset to the company they work for.

Event planning checklist

To ensure your event goes off without a hitch, you’ll want to follow an event planning checklist. This will ensure that you know exactly what needs to be done and when. There are also some variables to keep an eye on, as well as issues and risks that you’ll need to manage. These checklists can be tailored to your specific Event. Here are some tips to get the most from your inventory:

Start by making a Google Doc or Google Sheets document and laying out the main details of your Event. Include your venue, budget, sponsors, date, and any additional funding you may need for the Event. Once you’ve mapped out the basics, you’ll want to break them down into smaller categories and share them with your virtual office. Make sure to include details of the guest list so everyone knows what to expect.

The first step in event planning is to lay a solid foundation. Signing contracts and negotiating a block of rooms are just two of the steps you need to take. Please make a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish and prioritize them by importance. By completing those tasks early, you’ll have more time to work on other tasks. This process will allow you to save time for other things, such as preparing for the Event.

Best event planners in Johannesburg

If you are planning an event for a business purpose, it can be not easy to decide on a theme, source decor, entertainment, and more. Then you must coordinate a team on the day of the event. Finally, you need to clean up the Event afterward. That is where an event planner can help you. Most planners will not charge you for consultations, but some may, especially those who specialize in luxury events.

Whether you need a small party or a large, important event, hiring an event planner can help you get your dream event off the ground. These professionals can help you plan everything from start to finish, ensuring that the day goes smoothly. And because they have the experience, they can plan the Event faster than you can. Even if you don’t need a large budget, an event planner will find the right location and ensure everything is in place.

To become an event planner, you’ll need to be super organized, creative, and have great communication skills. You’ll also need to be able to work well under pressure, manage a team, and pay attention to detail. In addition to having great communication skills, you’ll need to know how to multi-task and stick to a budget. Taking an event planning course will teach you how to do all of these things and more.
You’ll also need to learn how to manage large events, and if you are interested in public relations or marketing, you may be able to land a job there. You’ll probably have to work on a lower salary in the beginning, but you’ll gain a lot of experience and develop contacts in the process. You’ll also need to be a self-promoter. In addition, you’ll need to be outgoing, especially if you’re planning a large scale event. Regardless, this is not for the shy!
This course includes a certificate of completion. You’ll learn everything from planning an event budget to finding a venue and organizing audiovisuals. Even the most basic of planning is covered, and you’ll learn how to market and promote the Event. The course includes an assessment and a final test. You’ll have access to 1,000+ other classes on the Skillshare platform, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive courses.

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Event Management

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Full-Service Production
A large conference room with white tables and chairs is available for booking at BW Productions.
Event Management
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Food and Beverages
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Live Entertainment
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Destination Management
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Company Picnic

What Our Client Say

As Brand Director at Castle Lite, BW productions was a true partner in ensuring the on-the-ground relevance of the brand. BW always puts their full efforts into every event or activation, big or small, and comes through.
Becky Opdyke
My project was designed and developed by them. I found them very helpful and they gave great guidance while building a very exiting event. I will continue to use and support.
Jenna Brown
Bibi has been our most trusted supplier on Castle Lite and many other brands for longer than I have been around. From innovative activations, to trucks and branded vehicles. From digital applications to world class events. Bibi and his team are reliable, boundary breaking and true partners!
Silke Bucker
B&W Productions provides a unique affordable development solution. My project had been delayed with my previous development team, B&W jumped in and managed to speed up the process. It was a very enjoyable experience. Thanks again guys!
Charlene Boccaleone


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