7 Reasons Why You Should I Hire a Party Planner?

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Party planners – they seem like an unnecessary expense. Whether you’re planning your first party or you’re just trying to cut costs, hiring a professional party planner can feel like overkill.

You couldn’t be more wrong!

Contrary to popular belief, party planners can save you a fortune. Even better, the bigger your event, the more they can save. We know; it’s hard to believe. But it’s true. Event planners have the experience to run parties smoothly and efficiently.

Not convinced? Below we’ll cover seven surprising reasons you should always hire a party planner. Check them out, and you’ll soon be searching for a party planner near me.

You can thank us later!

What does a party planner do?

Sounds like a dream job, right? Who doesn’t want to plan parties for a living? Some people do it for fun!

Far from just running the party, party planners organise everything from booking the venue, inviting guests, coordinating vendors, reviewing the budget, and much more.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or an award ceremony, a party planner is a spoke around which the event runs. Without their expertise, it’s all too easy for the party to turn into a panic.

It’s a busy job. Here’s a list of just some of the responsibilities of a party planner:

  • Holds meeting with the client to discuss party
  • Selects and book a venue
  • Uses contacts to hire vendors and entertainment, e.g., caterers, decorations, photographers, musicians, etc.
  • Adjusts to client requests
  • Finds and invites guests to the party
  • Communicates between client and vendors fluently and efficiently
  • Monitors the budget and pays the bills
  • Ensures everything runs smoothly on the day

If you don’t have a party planner, all of the above is your responsibility. If it sounds daunting, it’s because it is. Party planning isn’t for the fainthearted.

What is a party planner called?

There is often a lot of confusion between party planners and event planners. What’s the difference?

In short: there is none. Party planners and event planners are the exact same thing, sort of. Some event planners specialise in other areas, like conferences or weddings. They’re unlikely to offer their services for party planning.

Nevertheless, the basic principles of the job remain the same. It’s all about organising the event, from the vendors to the venue, to ensure the big day runs without a hitch.

Should I hire a party planner?

If you’ve got a party to plan, there’s no need to battle on alone. Party planners have the expertise and experience to ensure your party is one to remember. But, if you need a little more convincing, check out our list below.

Here are seven reasons no party is complete without a party planner:

  1. Contacts. Contacts. Contacts.

After years in the industry, the best party planners have a phone full of contacts. DJs. Bands. Caterers. Bakers. Decorators. The list goes on and on. They know the boss at all the best venues and can get an industry discount on everything.

If you went to the vendor yourself, you just wouldn’t see the same cost.

For instance, you might speak to a caterer who quotes you R 64,000. But if a party planner spoke to the same vendor, their discount might reduce the price to just R 50,000. It’s the exact same package: same food, same service, same ingredients.

Professional party planners know how to get the most out of the price and which vendors offer the best deals. It’s a phenomenal benefit!

  1. Save time

Planning a party takes time… lots of time. It’s not just booking the vendors; it’s visiting the venues, trying the food, sending the invites. It’s a full-time job, literally!

That’s why you need a professional to take away the stress.

You won’t need to sit in long meetings with the decorators. Nor do you need to know the ins and outs of every detail. That’s what your event planner is there for. They’re a one-stop-shop for all your party needs.

Because you plan everything outright at the start, your party planner is armed with all the info to get started. They understand your vision.

There’s no way to undersell the number of hours you’ll save. Party planners save money AND time.

  1. Well-designed event

Who doesn’t love something homemade? Whether it be a cake or crafts, homemade items are rustic and quaint. But there’s no mistaking how much better an item looks when produced by a professional.

The same is true for parties.

Most people simply lack the skillset or drive to produce a fabulous looking party. It requires an eye for detail, a creative flair, and a delicate touch.

Party planners bring all that and more. Over the dozens of parties they’ve planned, they’ve picked up a catalogue of tips and tricks to employ. Things you never even realised you needed, like laying out the chairs to promote engagement.

There’s just no substitute for a party planner’s touch.

  1. Best staff

You just can’t get the staff – well, actually you can. Party planners don’t only know where to get the best discounts, but also where to find the best staff.

Want a mixologist who makes breath-taking cocktails? Fancy decorations that are out-of-this-world? Or do you need a venue with style to accommodate all your guests?

Your party planner will know who’s the right person for the job. They’ll also monitor the staff on the night to ensure everything is up to standard.

And, best of all, they’ll do all of this under budget.

  1. Find the best venue

Great venues are like gold dust. Finding one is perhaps the hardest job in all party planning.

Don’t settle for your local community centre.

Let your party planner find the perfect venue in your local area… at the best price. Your party planner will know how many guests are likely to attend, what their needs will be, and how many covers will be at the tables.

They’ll find a venue to suit both the practicalities and the party’s theme using the info provided. After all, the venue is supposed to impress. It needs to have a WOW factor. Whether it be a vineyard out in the country or a seaside restaurant, whatever your needs, your party planner is there to surpass your expectations.

  1. Negotiation skills

No one negotiates better than a party planner. It’s the main reason you’ll save so much money by hiring one. They’ll negotiate a mutually beneficial contract between you and the vendor. They’ll also know the industry rate for everything, so there’s no chance you’ll ever be ripped off.

Even better, event planners can negotiate complimentary services, reduced rates, and upgrades—for example, a free bottle of wine for every table or a discount on hotel rooms.

Whatever the discount, the reduced costs can be substantial. They’ll almost always make up for the expense of the event planner.

  1. Time to breathe

Organising a party is stressful. Running a party on the day even more so. But no one wants to organise a party only to end up sitting on the side lines. You want to enjoy yourself!

That’s where a party planner comes in.

From the moment you hire them, you can sit back and relax. They’ve got this. There’s no stress and no worry. You can spend your time focused on what you do best and leave your party planner to handle the rest.

After all, a party is meant to be enjoyed. It shouldn’t be a chore. So, on the day, you’ll be free to meet and greet guests; have a couple of drinks; maybe even show off your moves on the dancefloor.

How much money do party planners get?

According to payscale.com, the average hourly rate for event planning is R 103.50. However, that can range from R 61 to R 221.

Some event planners will charge even more. But, as with anything, the more you spend, the more experience you get. The best party planners don’t come cheap. They are worth every cent, however.

The number of hours needed will naturally depend on the type of party. Factor in the number of guests and number of vendors – these will largely determine the final price.

Just remember: party planners are an investment. In truth, you’re not spending money; you’re saving it.


No doubt you’re eager to start hunting for party planners near me. Party planning is one of those services, which once tried, you can never live without.

Don’t stress over your upcoming party. Get in touch with us here at BW Productions. We’re always ready to plan an unforgettable event or party. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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